How Oxylift Gel Mask Works

New Technology of CO2 GEL Pack

CO2 GEL Pack consists of gel and sheet mask and by combining these two, CO2 is generated. It is then quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin.

Reaction of the gel and mask takes 20-30 minutes to be effectively absorbed into the skin.

CO2 Absorption Effects

CO2 promotes and increases O2 supply that is required for cell metabolism.

When CO2 is absorbed into the skin, the more O2 is supplied to the skin texture,  and metabolism of  the skin is palpated.

-Vasodilator : Removes dark and sordid skin cells

-Active protein synthesis : Reduces wrinkles and drooping

-Palpated fat metabolism : Reduces sagging and partial obesity

-Palpated body waste discharge : Reduces wrinkles, Removes freckles, acne and edema

Working principle of a Carboxy Co2 Gel Pack

A Carboxy Co2 Gel Pack is an unprecedented substance transfer system, where Co2 generated from the mixture of two components of Gel applied to skin and Mask is delivered to skin efficiently. Co2 absorbed into skin helps O2 transferred through red blood cells to be delivered to the skin tissue. This is the latest treatment technology providing diverse skin repair effects due to various actions including vasodilatation, activated protein synthesis, fat metabolism stimulus, and skin waste excretion stimulus.

Physiological activity of Co2 absorbed into skin

Vasodilatation action: Vasodilatation contributes to the activation of skin cell metabolism as well as the improvements of skin blood vessels, thus leading to healthier skin.

Anti-inflammatory action: Oxygen discharged from hemoglobin stimulates anti-inflammatory action and waste excretion action, leading to improvement in the symptoms by inflammation relief causing skin coarsening and other skin troubles. 

Moisturizing Effects: CO2 GEL Pack helps balance between oil and moisture on the skin  for ideal skin conditions.

Face Slimming effects: With CO2 Gel, CO2 is generated by combining the mask and gel, and is absorbed into the phospholipid layers by the defusing de-gassing structure (DDS). CO2 then densifies the tissues for slimming effects.