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The best facial and body mask I ever had!

I received my first order of Oxylift masks last week, and I am blown away by the product quality and the results! This product is easy....


Oxylift gel masks are just fantastic. I love using them!

I've been using Kavita Life's Oxylift mask for a few weeks, and I really love it. I first tried it on my face and was pleasantly surprised....


Wow, this Oxylift gel mask works wonders!

I am a mom of two and a frequent traveler; therefore, I need something portable because I am usually on the go. This product is....


A huge fan of this product!

I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever used a product like it, but I am so glad I did. Just after two weeks of use, I noticed a significant difference in the condition of my....


Outstanding skin care product!

There is no better, more convenient product than the Oxylift Gel Face, Hand, and Body Mask. A few months ago, my dermatologist performed a full body scan and noticed....


Simply Fabulous!

The Oxylift Gel Face, Hand, and Body Mask is an excellent pre-shower product. The results of using this product are noticeable immediately, and it's quite simple to apply....


Amazing skincare product!

After a month of using the OXYLIFT Gel Face, Hand, and Body MASK, I can't believe how much better my skin looks and feels. My skin's texture....



I'd rate this item a million stars if I could. From the first day of using these gel masks, I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin texture, firmness, and clarity....


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How can OXYLIFT Gel Mask benefit my skin?

We have designed our gel mask using a combination of top-grade ingredients that work to ensure optimum oxygen generation throughout your face. So, it can help strengthen your skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In short, it can improve your skin tone while keeping it well-hydrated.

Can I get the desired skin-brightening results from OXYLIFT Gel Mask?

Generally, a user can notice the skin-brightening effects after using the mask. You can continue using this product every 2-3 days to get sustainable effects. However, in case you have sensitive skin with acne or spots, it is best to use it for a month. To know more about our product, you can contact us.

How to use an OXYLIFT Gel Mask?

First of all, apply 20 ml of gel from the syringe evenly on your skin. Then, apply the mask on top of the gel and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes. Next, press gently on your skin to distribute CO2 evenly across the surface of your skin. In the end, remove the mask.

How long does it take to get the results?

Our product uses a blend of safe, effective, and natural ingredients backed by science. Users have reported an instant tightening of pores and skin brightening within 20 -25 minutes of application. Regular application of this product will help you get smooth and hydrated skin.

Is OXYLIFT Gel Mask a natural skin care product?

Our product is designed using natural and science-backed ingredients. It is free from paraben, fragrance, alcohol & pigment. If you are looking for any result-driven skincare product to enhance your skin health, look no further than Kavita Life’s OXYLIFT Gel Mask.

Is it safe to use your product?

We have used the highest-quality ingredients, such as pure ascorbic acids, peptides, and amino acids, to deliver effective results to you. Also, our product is dermatologically approved and clinically tested. They are safe to use, even on sensitive skin. In addition, it is free from paraben, fragrance, alcohol & pigment. But, if you have any skin condition, you can consider your health care provider before using any skin care product.

Is your product clinically tested?

Yes, our product is FDA-clinically tested. Also, it is dermatologically approved. To learn more about our product you can browse our website or contact us to learn more about our product. We are happy to assist you.

How many masks are packed in one pack of OXYLIFT Gel Mask?

Each package of OXYLIFT Gel Mask contains 5 gel and 5 masks. Make sure you follow the instructions and use the product correctly. Regular application of our product can deliver the desired results to you.

Is your product tested on animals?

No, we do not test our product on animals. So rest assured, you are buying a cruelty-free skin care product from us.

How is your OXYLIFT Gel Mask better than other competing products?

Our unique delivery system via dry, frozen sheet mask can deliver 20-‐30% more oxygen compared to other skincare products available in the market. Also, our product is packed with top-quality natural ingredients. It is free from paraben, fragrance, alcohol & pigment.

Our Commitment For The Welfare Of Humans, Animals, And Forest!

We at Kavita Life believe it is necessary to give back to mother earth and the community. So, we are happy to donate a share of every transaction we make to support NGOs dedicated to the welfare of humans, animals, and forests.

Our connections do incredible jobs like feeding the needy, protecting wildlife and the environment, caring for stray animals, and advocating for animal rights, among many other activities. Every one of them has our utmost respect, and we pledge to back them in their heroic pursuits